Service and maintenance of sites

We work 10 years in hosting and we know what is necessary for your site!
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The cost of the work of specialists is $18 per hour.

Site maintenance:

    Site audit
  • This term means a thorough analysis of the site, checking the relevance of CMS versions and site components, searching for possible vulnerabilities, hacking methods and their purpose.
  • Based on the information received, a detailed work plan will be drawn up that will be carried out on your site.
    Inspection / Treatment / Site Protection
  • During the scan, a search for viruses, malicious codes, traces of hacking is carried out on the basis of an audit.
  • All viruses and malicious codes are removed from the site without damaging its work.
  • Tests are carried out on the site's susceptibility to hacking - introducing third-party code to the site, bypassing security tools, gaining access to managing the site and database, etc. All found vulnerabilities are closed, by means of the site system, or by additional server software on which the site is running.
    Site update
  • All site components (cms, plugins, themes, etc.) are updated to the latest stable versions, as recommended by the developers.
  • During the update, the compatibility of versions of cms and its components with the versions of the server software is checked.
  • The update is performed with strict compliance with compatibility, in order to avoid problems with the correct operation of the site and its components.
    Site monitoring
  • When you connect the monitoring site, we will every minute monitor its availability, which will immediately respond to any problems in the site.
  • You can quietly spend the weekend, or go on vacation, your site will be supervised and in case of any problems, our specialists will quickly restore the site to work.
  • Monitoring also includes checking the site for the presence of mail services in various "block lists", which will avoid problems with sending mail to your customers and subscribers.
  • Operational and correct work of your website's mail (for example, when sending notifications about important events, information about orders from your customers, or business correspondence with your partners, etc.) is the key to your success in business.
    Site maintenance
  • Our experts are ready to accompany your site, in a technical aspect, on an ongoing basis.
  • This means that a certain specialist will work with your site, having previously studied its technical component and will be able to carry out the necessary work on your site as quickly as possible.
  • In addition, it is possible to connect the site to the maintenance program, which will allow you to avoid the need for a system administrator of the site.
  • We will develop an individual set of works, such as checking your website, updating it, etc., let you know how long these works will take, and also agree on the frequency of their work with you.
  • For example, every 1-2 months, your website will check for viruses, as well as perform updates. Your website will always be in a safe and up-to-date state.

Content management site:

    Contextual content of the site
  • An important factor in the success of the site is its content.
  • The user is provided with information on how detailed, competently and interestingly it is, whether it will remain on your site, decide whether to register, or order your product / service.
  • Often, if the user has not received sufficient information of interest to him, he continues to search, which in turn lowers your chance that he will return to you.
  • For this reason, it is very important that the information, whether it is a service or a product description, be professionally formed and provide the user with the maximum answers to all possible questions and put your website in the first place.
    Individual attitude
  • Our experts will carefully study your project, its subject matter, the direction in which you work, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your site.
  • Based on the analysis, we will provide recommendations and formulate a work plan, the implementation of which will allow you to make your site informative, but at the same time easy to read.
  • When a user receives all the necessary information on your site in a convenient form for perception, in 90% of cases he no longer continues to search and stops his choice.
  • For example, if your site is a seller, then the user automatically becomes a potential client who probably already communicates with your employees in a chat or by phone.
  • In addition to users, your site is viewed by search engines, analyze it, including content, and based on the information received, form the position of your site when searching for your target audience.
  • When writing texts, we use seo focus, to increase the ranking of your site by search engines.

Promotion campaign:

    Advertising program of your project
  • Our specialists will analyze your site, its specification, market orientation, GEO dependency, competitive environment, etc. Based on the analysis, you will be offered the best advertising program.
  • You decide which budget you are willing to spend on advertising in a given month. Based on this, we vary the advertising intensity. But your site will always be in sight of the target audience.
    Popularize your project
  • If there is little information about your project in the network, we are ready to help in this case.
  • We will post information about your project on specialized platforms and forums, depending on the type of your activity.
  • This will allow your potential users to find information about you on thematic sites, reference services, rating of resources, etc.
  • You can post promotional information, specials. Offers, and your users will be able to leave feedback on these sites, which will increase the confidence of the new audience in your project.