Configuring protection against DDoS attacks

  • All virtual and dedicated servers of our company are automatically connected to the DDoS protection system
  • By default, basic protection settings are applied, but for more efficient server operation, individual settings may be required
  • Additional protection settings will allow you to filter out unnecessary requests to the server, reduce the load, optimize and minimize ping to your server
  • For many popular game servers, we already have ready-made sets of rules to protect against DDoS attacks and we can quickly apply them to your server
  • If there are no ready-made rules, then we can create new rules for your game server or other project
  • To create individual rules, it is necessary to dump legitimate traffic in order for the protection to work as efficiently as possible

The procedure for collecting a dump and setting up individual rules:

    Provision of information
  • You need to tell us what software / game server you have installed, its name and version, for example Minecraft pocket edition 1.18
  • Tell us what ports and protocols (udp/tcp) are used by your software / game server and services on the server itself (ssh, ftp, etc.)
  • Provide the IP address of your PC from which you will connect to the server to collect the dump
    Preparing and collecting a traffic dump
  • You will need to completely disconnect from the server (close rdp/ssh connection, game launchers, etc.) and tell us
  • We will prepare rules for dumping a legitimate connection
  • Then, strictly on our command, you will need to connect, for example, to the game server, log in to the game, play for 1-2 minutes, then exit the game, close the game launcher and disconnect from the server
  • After completing the above steps, you inform us about it
    Application of individual rules
  • We will check if the traffic dump was correctly collected from your IP (if necessary, the procedure will need to be repeated)
  • Next, we will prepare the filtering rules for your project and inform you when it is ready
  • If after applying the rules there are no problems with the server operation, then the configuration of individual protection is completed