Administration of dedicated servers and technical outsourcing of hosting servers

Appletec presents a new service for owners of dedicated servers - remote system administration of dedicated servers and technical outsourcing hosting servers.

Remote system administration of dedicated servers

This concept refers to the services of setting up, configuring, monitoring and correcting errors that occur at the server settings level that are performed by system administrators.
The following are examples of tasks performed by system administrators:

  • Remote installation of the operating system and control panel;
  • Initial configuration of the operating system and control panel;
  • Install and update installed software;
  • Server recovery;
  • Quick work on server reinstallation and migration;
  • Install and configure security tools;
  • Setting up server software and additional modules (php, apache modules);
  • Correcting database server errors;
  • Mail Server Error Correction;
  • Finding the source of spam and blocking it;
  • Dealing with questions of abuse.

Server monitoring services imply a server connection to the 24-hour distributed monitoring system for basic services on the server, both remotely and locally, as well as the quick response of the administrator on duty to monitoring events.

  • Remote system monitoring services for CloudLinux-based hosting servers using the following control panels: WHM / cPanel, Parallels Plesk, DirectAdmin, ISPmanager;
  • Perform any work of remote system administration, up to 5 hours per month, not including work on monitoring events;
  • Guaranteed response to the request: 1 hour;
  • Advanced monitoring (local checks), response to monitoring events 15 minutes;

The cost of this package of services is $120 per month
or $100 a month if paid for a year.

Technical outsourcing hosting servers

The concept of technical outsourcing hosting clients means providing technical support to customers of a third-party hosting company by our technical administrators. Hosting server, serviced by technical outsourcing, must be running a trace. Control panels: WHM / cPanel, Parallels Plesk, DirectAdmin, ISPmanager. Support is provided via e-mail or through the billing panel. Sample tasks performed by technical administrators:

  • General questions to the Sales Department (server configuration, tariff plans);
  • Mail client configuration for working with mail;
  • Functional settings via server control panel under client level;
  • General technical consulting (explanation of basic concepts in the field of hosting);
  • Basic installation and general setup help for popular CMS: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Bitrix;
  • Install and configure SSL certificate; any other actions that do not require root access to the server;
  • Correcting client system configuration errors (errors in .htaccess, modSecurity rules blocking, firewall blocking);
  • Reading and explanation of log files, including error log;
  • Restore files and databases from backups;
  • Migrating from other servers or between users;
  • Assistance in finding vulnerabilities in client scripts;
  • Examination and correction of errors with sending and receiving letters;
  • Any other actions that require root access to the server, but associated only with a specific user.

Payment is made for each server separately, without taking into account the number of requests.
The cost of the service is from $200 per month (up to 100 clients on the server)
and from $300 per month (more than 100 clients on the server).

If necessary, it is possible to order services to perform work on a one-time basis: technical works on the server, administrative and other tasks on the site, hosted both on the server and on the hosting / reselling user account, as well as other works that are not included in the base package of services ordered.

In this case, the cost of work will be charged at intervals of 1 hour.:
The cost of 1 hour of work of a technical administrator is $40.

It is also possible to create an individual tariff plan for server administration.
Detailed information you can get by contacting technical support.