# VPS / VDS based on Intel Core i9-9900K 5.00 GHz
Maximum performance and speed

This is guaranteed to ensure your sites the fastest download and operation speed.

You can test the response time of our servers:


Unlimited IPv4 addresses, replacing from HDD to SSD;
Internet channel up to 1000 Mbps;
IPv4 address - $3.2 per month, from 3 months - $2.7, from 10 pieces - $1.8;
VPS / VDS activation time less than 5 minutes;
Operating system     Windows Server is provided free of charge.

Tariff plans i9r2 i9r3 i9r4 i9r5 i9r6
Price per month, $ 10 15 20 24 27
Affiliate program
(10% of the costs of invited customers)
Reselling program
(Discounts up to 30% | White label sales)
Cash Back 5%* Да Да Да Да Да
Link up to 1000 Mbps Да Да Да Да Да
Site monitoring
(Connects on request)
- - - Да Да
Personal manager - - - Да Да
Free weekend
(We extend services on weekends for free)
Да Да Да Да Да
Core, 5.00 GHz(Available expand to 8 cores) 1 2 2 2 3
RAM DDR4, GB 2 3 4 5 6
Hard drive SSD, 60 GB(Available expand to 500 GB) Да Да Да Да Да
Server control panel Да Да Да Да Да
Traffic Да Да Да Да Да




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* Cash Back - Detailed information about our offer, available in a special article on our company's website.

** Default plans include a 60 GB SSD hard drive. You can increase the hard drive up to 500 GB (in increments of 10 GB) when ordering a server. The cost of an additional 10 GB SSD is $2 per month.


The best solutions based on high-speed Intel Core i9-9900K 5.00 GHz. SSD disk system, as well as the generation of DDR4 RAM.


Full root access to your server, your faith, your own IP address. Configure the server individually, for your tasks and projects.


You need VPS resources, but there is not enough experience in server administration, do not worry, we will take it upon ourselves, absolutely free.


Servers are located in modern and the best to date data centers, with a high level of reliability TIER 3/4.