# Virtual Dedicated Servers on SSD
VPS / VDS, Virtual Dedicated Server


The best processor solutions based on Intel Xeon / Core i9;
SSD disk system, as well as the generation of DDR4 RAM.


Guaranteed channel from 250 Mbps;
Unlimited IPv4;
The cost of IPv4 - $3.2 per month;
When buying from 3 months - $2.7;
When buying 10 pieces - $1.8.


Server activation 5-15 minutes;
Administration of the server as a gift;
The Windows Server operating system is provided free of charge.


Servers are located in modern and the best to date data centers, with a high level of reliability TIER 3/4.

Tariff plans N1K N2K N3K N4K N6K
Price per monthif paid for from 3 months, $ 17 21.9 39.9 49 67
Price per monthwhen paying monthly, $ 28.5 33 44.5 59 79.5
Link 250 Mbps Да Да Да Да Да
Cash Back 5%* Да Да Да Да Да
Site monitoring
(Connects on request)
- - - Да Да
Personal manager - - - Да Да
Free weekend
(We extend services on weekends for free)
Да Да Да Да Да
RAM DDR4, GB 3 4 5 7 9
Hard drive SSD, GB 50 80 110 140 170
Core 2 3 4 4 6
Server control panel Да Да Да Да Да
Traffic Да Да Да Да Да
Data centers
Location to choose from
Get started Get started Get started Get started Get started

* Cash Back - Detailed information about our offer, available in a special article on our company's website.

This is guaranteed to ensure your sites the fastest download and operation speed.

You can test the response time of our servers: