# Virtual server i9 12900K 5.2 GHz
VDS game servers with DDoS protection


Line of VDS hosting tariffs on the latest Intel Core i9 12900K processors, high-speed DDR5 RAM and NVMe disk system.


Internet channel up to 1000 Mbps;
Unlimited IPv4;
The cost of IPv4 - $2.3 per month;
If ordering from 3 months - $2;
If ordering from 10 pieces - $1.35.


Server activation 5-15 minutes;
Access to the virtual server with root / Administrator rights;
The Windows Server operating system is provided free of charge.


A complete list of VDS tariffs will be available to you in the personal account of our company. You can choose the best solution for your project.

Tariff plans i12r4 i12r5 i12r6 i12r7 i12r8
Price per month, $ 11.5 15 21.5 28 30
Core, 5.00 GHz(Available expand to 16 cores, 3.3 $ / core) 1 2 3 4 5
RAM DDR5, GB 4 5 6 7 8
Hard drive NVMe, 60 GB(Available expand to 500 GB, 0.7 $ / 10 GB) Да Да Да Да Да
DDoS protection Да Да Да Да Да
Link up to 1000 Mbps Да Да Да Да Да


Control Panel(ISPmanager from $4.9, cPanel from $27)
Affiliate program
(10% of the costs of invited customers)
Reselling program
(Discounts up to 30% | White label sales)
Free weekend
(We extend services on weekends for free)
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This is guaranteed to ensure your sites the fastest download and operation speed.

You can test the response time of our servers: