# Audit and site protection

Today, actively using the Internet, we are increasingly confronted with such problems as spam, which comes in huge quantities to our mailboxes and not fewer sites, or those who strive to infect our computers and smartphones.

But very often it turns out that the "perpetrators" of such actions are not even aware of this. We are now talking about what can affect every owner of an Internet project - hacking the site.

What is dangerous about hacking the site?

In addition to the fact that your website can become a source of mailings and the spread of viruses, which is one of the frequent causes of hacking, confidential data, your and your users / customers, payment information, passport information, etc. can be at risk.

Search engine robots are constantly checking sites. If viruses are detected on your site, the site will fall under various filters / sanctions and lose its position in the search results, which will reduce attendance on the site, and the money spent on advertising and website promotion will be wasted.

Loss of potential customers. It is unlikely that the user will re-open your site, if instead there is a huge sign warning about the danger of infection. With the current competition in all aspects of the market, a person will not even remember your site - accordingly, you can lose a lot of visitors, each of which is your potential client.

Blocking by the postal services. After sending spam emails from your site and your mailboxes, you risk getting blacklisted with Yandex mail, mail.ru, gmail.com, etc. This may cause problems with sending important emails to your customers and partners, which will negatively affect the reputation of your business.

Unfortunately, no one is insured against this problem, since almost all sites work on one or another cms (joomla, wordpress, dle, phpbb, bitrix, netcat, etc.) and hackers do not need to look for a way to hack for each site individually. It suffices to find a vulnerability in the system and millions of sites are at risk.

What is dangerous about hacking the site?

There are two options:

  1. Your site is not hacked yet.
  2. Your site is already hacked.

In the first case, it will suffice to perform an audit and verification of the site, as well as a monitoring order, to protect against possible hacking attempts.
In the second case, the implementation of the entire package of services is necessary.
Unfortunately, site owners are often unaware of the hacking of their site. If the hackers did not affect the design of the site, did not make any visible changes - it is very difficult to identify the hacking of the site.
We have prepared a range of services to identify the fact of hacking and deal with its consequences.

List of works:

  • Site audit – this term means site analysis, search for vulnerabilities, hacking methods and their purpose. Based on this information, the site is checked.
  • Site check – during the scan, a search for viruses, malicious codes, traces of hacking is carried out on the basis of an audit.
  • Virus removal – all viruses and malicious codes are removed from the site without damaging its work.
  • Site protection – tests are carried out on the site's susceptibility to hacking — introducing someone else's code to the site, bypassing security tools, gaining access to managing the site and database, etc. All found vulnerabilities are closed, by means of the site system, or by additional server software on which the site is running. All the necessary components of the site (cms site, plugin, etc.) are updated to the latest stable versions, on the recommendation of the developers.
  • Remove site from filters / blacklists – work is underway to remove the site from various search engine filters and mail services in order to restore full-fledged site and mail performance.
  • Monitoring – order permanent monitoring of the site is possible. Monitoring may include both an audit and a site check, or a comprehensive solution consisting of these two services. Monitoring is needed so that when attempts are made to hack the site, measures are immediately taken to neutralize it and protect it. Progress does not stand still and attackers are constantly creating new ways of hacking sites. Monitoring allows you to quickly identify and suppress unlawful actions of hackers.
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